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Theme 1: Assessment across the continuum
  • Assessment for selection to health professional education
  • Assessment in entry level health professional education (primary / undergraduate)
  • Assessment in postgraduate / post-registration training
  • Assessment for continuing professional development
  • Assessment and remediation of sub-optimal performance
  • Assessment across transitions in the educational process
  • Assessment across borders for international students and practitioners
Theme 2: Assessment across clinical domains
  • Assessment of clinical decision making / clinical reasoning
  • Assessment of clinical skills
  • Assessment of cultural safety
  • Assessment of communication skills
  • Assessment of professionalism
  • Assessment of teamwork
  • Assessment of collective / team competence
  • Assessment of surgical skills


Theme 3: Consumer engagement and access in assessment
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion in assessment
  • Engagement with stakeholders in assessment design processes
  • Academic integrity in the assessment process
  • Learner and patient / community experiences of assessment
  • Impact of assessment on candidate well-being
Theme 4: Clinical Assessment Formats
  • Workplace-based Assessment
  • Clinical Assessments: The OSCE
  • Use of EPAs in assessment practices
  • Portfolio-based assessment
  • Use of simulation in assessment
  • Assessment tools and instruments
Theme 5: Organisational approaches to assessment
  • Management of assessment change
  • Programmatic assessment
  • Evaluation of systems of assessment / organisational approaches
  • Pandemic adaptations to assessment / assessment at a distance
  • International comparisons and collaboration in assessment practice
  • Administration and management of assessments (e.g., OSCE logistics, exam proctoring etc.)
  • Governance and policy in assessment practices
Theme 6: Technology Enhanced Assessment
  • Using technology in assessment
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence and large language models in assessment
  • Learning analytics: Data management, innovation and analytical approaches
Theme 7: Assessors and assessing
  • Assessor judgements and calibration
  • Feedback from assessment
  • Assessment judgements in clinical competence / progress committees
  • Assessor training and preparation
Theme 8: Evaluation
  • Evaluation of assessment initiatives
  • Assessment moderation and psychometrics