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The Conference theme of Assessment: Near and Far is linked with a number of conceptions of effective assessment. These include the need for local and remote assessment, inclusivity in assessment activities, near- and distal-peer, and self- assessment, multisource assessment, and the impact of geographic and social remoteness on assessment practice. These objectives reflect those conceptions. Ottawa 2024 will:

  • Initiate an inclusive mandate for the Conference across all, inclusive of professions, gender, ethnic origin, geographical location, Indigenous communities and LBGTQI+ identities.
  • Enable more people and health professional groups to attend the Conference.
  • Convene academic discussions on assessment in health professional education that are contemporary, relevant and challenging for the academic community.
  • Discuss the nature of long-term and post- or peri-pandemic assessment.
  • Initiate a reflection on the use and misuse of artificial intelligence in assessment practices.
  • Define new, and contribute to existing consensus statements on areas of assessment.
  • Showcase research and best practice on assessment of clinical competence/capabilities.
  • Stimulate innovation and opportunities for knowledge creation in assessments.
  • Bring together expert and beginner, and artisans and apprentices in assessment for supportive networking and knowledge sharing.