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We are pleased to confirm the Ottawa 2024 Student Taskforce.

Mashiyat Ahmmad
Monash University

As a healthcare enthusiast, I crave medical conferences that spark my curiosity and ignite my passion. I yearn for immersive experiences filled with groundbreaking insights, genuine connections, and the shared excitement of advancing healthcare. The perfect conference is where learning feels like an adventure, and the conference helps me contribute to making a difference.

Joi Hei Chan
Monash University

I am most interested in the many different aspects of healthcare that Ottawa provides in the conference. As a student studying pharmacy I want to expand on my knowledge in other forms of healthcare including how my future profession may be connected to them.

Alison Cheng
Monash University

I am eager to indulge in the dissection and reflection of modern healthcare systems by knowledgeable and accomplished speakers and apply what I have learnt to my own clinical placement experiences both past and upcoming.

Truc Do
Monash University

I look forward to learning more from experts in the field about how issues regarding diversity, equity and inclusion can be mitigated within the healthcare system. I am also very excited to meet my fellow peers as part of the Ottawa 2024 Student Taskforce!

Kevin Alvaro Handoko
Airlangga University, Indonesia

I am more than excited to meet and interact with all of you during Ottawa 2024! I’m looking forward to see medical education policies as key to ensure Global Health Workforce Agenda 2030, focusing on knowledge transfer in research assessment and good criteria for assessment that can be implemented in LMICs and youth meaningful involvement. Sampai jumpa!

Loressa Hem
Monash University

I am looking forward to being a part of the Ottawa 2024 Student Taskforce, to not only work alongside like-minded and passionate individuals but also to be inspired and learn from professionals in the field.

Jerry Ji
Monash University

I am most looking forward to gain insights into innovative assessment methods, connect with industry experts, and stay updated on the latest healthcare trends. Ready to enhance my skills and contribute to improving healthcare practices.

Robin Krauss
Te Whatu Ora Waitaha, New Zealand

I’m an intern based in Christchurch, New Zealand. One of my interests is the role that individual and small group mentorship can play in health professions education. I am also looking forward to explore the challenges and use cases of generative AI in assessment. Excited to learn and actively participate at the Ottawa conference!

Michelle Lam
University of Hong Kong

I’m a medical student and the Liaison Officer for Medical Education Issues at the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). I am excited to learn about the latest innovations and explore how we can further engage students meaningfully in health professions assessment!

Jessica Lees
Deakin CRADLE / University of Melbourne

I’m excited for the Ottawa conference to explore innovative, non-conventional assessment strategies in health education. I am particularly looking forward to engaging with experts on assessing diverse student learning needs creatively and effectively.

Desireé Franco Lugo
Anahuac University, Mexico

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Health Management. My interest in the Ottawa 2024 Conference lies in connecting with professors, leaders, and the finest medical educators worldwide. Recognising the pivotal role that good mentorship plays in providing essential tools for the development of medical students. Looking forward to forging meaningful connections, sharing experiences, and learning from the best in such an amazing city!

Kevin Mao
University of Melbourne

At Ottawa 2024 I am incredibly excited to champion the medical student perspective, experience and voice in the design of assessing the “intangibles” in medicine. In particular, how we can better empower, support and harness the potential of culturally and linguistically diverse students, patients and clinicians in a multicultural country like Australia.

Elite Mok
Monash University

My education background in nursing and physiotherapy in Hong Kong and Australia prompts my reflection on how different assessment and feedback approaches impact on my learning. Through volunteering at Ottawa 2024, I hope to help make the conference a successful one, and to learn from and connect with delegates.

Sruthi Saravanan
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

I’m a fourth-year medical student. I am enthusiastic to explore the evidence-based approaches and innovations within assessments at the conference. My interests include technology-enhanced learning and student engagement in health professions education. I look forward to connecting with like-minded colleagues worldwide in Melbourne!

Linhao Song
Monash University

As a current social work student, I am looking forward to knowing more about how social work can be integrated into more healthcare scenarios, how to optimise our roles in current trends, and exploring the changes in the assessment of our education at Ottawa 2024.

Weiqing Wen
Monash University

I am a second-year international student studying master of social work, I am so excited to participate in the Ottawa 2024 Conference as a volunteer in the student taskforce. I am looking forward to learning from the professionals and the precious volunteer experience, and connecting with my peers.

Vishmi Withana Arachchi
Deakin University

What I most look forward to in Ottawa 2024 is to positively contribute to this conference whilst also learning on the assessment of competence in health professional education. I am very excited to work collaboratively with other members of the student taskforce from a myriad of different health fields.

Na Yang
Monash University

As a Chinese international DPT student, I’m excited to volunteer at Ottawa 2024! It’s my first time participating in such a grand event in Australia, and I look forward to gaining valuable experiences, wishing the conference a great success!

Cindy Zeng
Monash University

I’m in my final year of medicine. Having been involved in medical education and assessment discussions as a student, these subjects are very close to my heart. I am excited to hear the presentations at Ottawa 2024 and meet other like-minded students and educators!